FROM 2nd TO 6th of MARCH 2021



From the 2nd to the 6th of March, every afternoon, we welcomed our audience in a virtual living room where Daniela Collu with Lorenzo Campagnari (aka Lorello), Francesco Arienzo, Federico Basso and Matteo B. Bianchi met actors, musicians and celebrities, alternating comedy and cultural moments.

Host and special guest Giorgio Pasotti, who digitally reached out to the most important Italian resident theaters to raise public awareness and tell the most intriguing aspects of this fascinating world by putting music and theater in symbiosis.

Five afternoon episodes in which we had the pleasure to meet digitally 16 of the competing artists, including Festival winners Maneskin and runner up Francesca Michielin; Elodie, co-host of the Festival and actors such as Ambra Angiolini, Fabio Troiano, GianMarco Tognazzi, Claudia Gerini, Donatella Finocchiaro, Nicole Grimaudo, Marco Bonini and Lino Guanciale talked about their ways of experiencing the Festival.


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